UR Vistahermosa – IVF Fertility Clinic in Spain

UR Vistahermosa – IVF Fertility Clinic in Spain

Explore UR Vistahermosa, Spain's leading IVF clinic, offering personalized fertility treatments and advanced reproductive technology for high success rates.

If you are having fertility difficulties, UR Vistahermosa in Alicante, Spain can offer personalized treatment and various guarantees and refund packages to assist.

Since 1983, UR Vistahermosa has provided hospital-based fertility treatment to their patients with an integrated approach that meets all their needs. Their team includes 6 doctors and 7 embryologists; three of whom are ESHRE certified.


Staff at their clinic are highly experienced and committed to patient care, offering an effortless international experience. They can assist in every aspect of the process from start to finish and can coordinate treatment with any gynaecologists back home if required.

HLA Vistahermosa hospital’s IVF clinic boasts access to various other services and specialties that make for comprehensive fertility treatments, with four laboratories, 8 theaters, recovery suites and other resources allowing it to provide comprehensive IVF treatments.

Egg, sperm and embryo donation cycles are also offered at this clinic, featuring young women and men selected following rigorous testing as donors. Donors can be matched with recipients anywhere around the globe.

Additionally to traditional IVF, this clinic also provides PGT-A testing as part of their egg and sperm packages. This noninvasive test can detect genetic disorders in eggs or sperm that would otherwise remain undetectable – something which can greatly increase IVF success rates, while timeframes remain fairly unchanged: treatment only requires two visits at the clinic for treatment to take effect.

Background Information

UR Vistahermosa Fertility Clinic of Alicante provides cutting-edge fertility services and expertise, to assist couples achieve their dreams of parenthood. Their expert professionals offer advice, tools and encouragement needed for success to their patients.

UR Group clinics operate across Spain, giving them the ability to offer more personalised service and provide access to top-of-the-line treatment in each location. In addition, they work alongside top hospitals for optimal treatment outcomes.

An initial consultation involves meeting with an experienced coordinator who can assist you in selecting the optimal treatment option and discussing cost/payment options. Once selected, a follow-up visit with either an embryologist or gynecologist is scheduled – they’ll address any queries or voice any concerns the patient may have; then after the appointment you will receive a detailed report outlining results as well as receive any necessary medications to take while staying in Spain.

Services Offered

The UR Vistahermosa clinic is situated in Alicante, which boasts stunning scenery. The multilingual staff will ensure a stress-free visit.

Dr Jose Jesus Lopez Galvez leads the Fertility Department with over four decades of experience, having developed the first virtual human embryo micro-injection simulator. Furthermore, Alicante Clinic features its very own genetic unit headed by Joaquin Rueda who is an expert in clinical genetics who can diagnose hereditary diseases as well as provide counselling on genetic issues.

As a patient, you will be assigned your own Patient Coordinator who can answer any of your queries. They will work closely with your consultant back home to minimize time spent abroad as well as arrange appointments and testing prior to arrival – this helps save costs too!

Technology and Facilities

Grupo UR Vistahermosa is part of Spain’s growing UR Group with 10 units located across Spain that offer comprehensive human reproductive services, from IVF treatment to ICSI testing and diagnostic services. Their goal is to establish themselves in each major city so they can offer local support, proximity and state-of-the-art facilities for IVF treatments.

Their extensive investment in technology, such as their Time Lapse embryo monitoring system (which tracks embryo development daily) puts them at the forefront of innovation and excellence. Their clinic is located within a hospital so there are always available consultants, embryologists, and pharmacists ready to collaborate on your case plan around-the-clock.

All donors at UR Vistahermosa are available directly for donation of eggs, sperm or embryos – no long wait lists exist! All donors undergo thorough screening processes in order to guarantee high-quality egg and sperm donations.

Each patient receives an individual treatment plan and timeline tailored specifically to them and their lifestyle. When using egg or sperm donors, bespoke matches are made according to your desired characteristics and guaranteed refund packages are offered so you can select what best meets your needs.

Success Rates

At UR Vistahermosa, they offer several guarantee and refund packages tailored specifically to each of their patient’s individual circumstances. These may include egg or embryo freezing, FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer) as well as refund packages which ensure there will be no payment owed if no pregnancy results from treatment.

Through their highly regulated and innovative treatment landscape and ample donor pool, this clinic has seen excellent pregnancy rates when using eggs or sperm from fresh donor eggs – with clinical pregnancy rates per retrieval reaching 72% for fresh donor eggs, while multiple pregnancy rates remain below national average with only 5% of pregnancies ending up twin pregnancies (data for 2021).

At UR Vistahermosa, time lapse incubators continuously record embryo development to enable their gynaecologists to make more selective decisions when selecting candidates for transfer, which has proven successful at increasing pregnancy rates. Furthermore, patients benefit from ongoing meetings and close follow up even after treatment has ended; this helps address any concerns that may arise on their journey towards conception.

Patient Care and Support

UR Vistahermosa offers an international team of multilingual department staff who will assist with every aspect of your journey, such as planning appointments, booking accommodation and transport, medication administration or medication review. Your first clinic visit will feature a personalized appointment for testing to assess relevant parameters as well as reviewing treatment plans.

At UR Vistahermosa, every patient has access to their own team of consultants, patient coordinators, and nurses who collaborate together on creating an individualized treatment plan tailored to your goals and needs. They take time to discuss goals and needs before providing explanation of process as well as answering any queries that arise during treatment.

Additionally, they provide all the medications required for your treatment in their on-site pharmacy and will offer you the chance to meet with one at your first clinic appointment so they can ensure you understand how best to take it.

UR Vistahermosa provides IVF treatments to patients from across Europe and provides UK-based patient manager Ema Locker who has more than 18 years of experience supporting fertility treatment abroad.

Accreditations and Awards

The clinic is situated within a hospital, giving them access to multiple departments and specialists if required – including their own Genetics Unit. Furthermore, there are four laboratories, eight theatres, as well as many recovery suites within its walls.

UR Vistahermosa’s team has an extensive background in assisted reproduction. Through an active research and teaching programme, as well as numerous awards for their efforts.

Their egg donation programme boasts one of Spain’s lowest multiple pregnancy rates due to an exclusive single embryo transfer protocol, as well as cutting-edge technology, an excellent donor matching service, and guarantee programs. The clinic is also widely respected for their advanced donor matching technology and guarantee programs.

UR Vistahermosa will liaise with your gynaecologist back home so they can tailor a treatment plan specifically to you before your travel date – this can be done via phone, Skype or email. They then organize flights to Alicante and accommodation as well as clinic transfers as well as any additional arrangements you require.

Costs and Payment Options

The clinic provides comprehensive treatment packages for both men and women. Egg, sperm and embryo donation cycles can be completed here for as little as EUR16500 euros; plus they offer several refund programs tailored specifically to each treatment and patient age.

UR Vistahermosa international, part of Grupo UR, has established itself in key cities across Spain to offer patients convenient facilities with modern infrastructure and skilled and knowledgeable staff that promote quality, safety and excellence in assisted reproduction services.

At UR Vistahermosa, every patient will be assigned a personal patient coordinator who will devise an individualized treatment plan and timeline tailored specifically for them. Patients will also be provided with support throughout their journey from booking flights and transfers, accommodation arrangements and medication administration if required.

Contact them today and arrange your free consultation – perhaps this could be the start of realizing your motherhood dream! For more details you could visit their website where you’ll find all the related information.


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