Clinica Tambre – IVF Fertility Clinic in Madrid, Spain

Clinica Tambre – IVF Fertility Clinic in Madrid, Spain

Discover Clínica Tambre: Leading IVF & fertility clinic in Madrid, Spain, offering advanced treatments with a personalized approach to achieve your dream of parenthood.

Clinica Tambre was established in 1978, making it Madrid’s most experienced fertility clinic. Dr. Pedro Caballero Peregrin was responsible for creating Spain’s second sperm bank as well as pioneering freezing techniques.

After Inge Kormelink assumed management in 2018, the clinic underwent extensive renovation. Now offering two laboratories dedicated to IVF and andrology as well as six private recovery rooms.


Clinica Tambre in Madrid, Spain is a premier provider of comprehensive gynecology and fertility clinic services designed to help women fulfill their dreams of parenthood. Established in 1978 by privately held corporation Tambre, its mission is to contribute towards science, medicine and society while producing medical output that fosters healthy babies and families.

This company’s laboratory is fully equipped with state-of-the-art technologies such as Time Lapse GERI incubator and genetic matching to guarantee high-quality results. Furthermore, popular add-ons such as Comet testing and egg/sperm freezing for future use are offered. Moreover, their sperm/egg donation program features separate waiting rooms so donors don’t come into direct contact with patients; and all donors must pass comprehensive medical and psychological screening before being permitted to donate.

Background Information

Clinica Tambre is an international assisted reproductive center located in Madrid, Spain that has been offering assisted fertility solutions since 1978. Offering exceptional success rates and groundbreaking fertility care treatments.

Their patients come first, with state-of-the-art technologies being utilized and high IVF success rates being attained. Furthermore, scientific research is at the core of everything they do, contributing to medical development as a result.

Tambre’s team is comprised of highly experienced doctors. This clinic is modern and comfortable, boasting a clean and soothing design with six recovery rooms all fitted with private bathrooms. There are also two laboratories dedicated to IVF and andrology with laminar flow hoods, binocular magnifying glasses and six banks dedicated to cryopreservation of oocytes and embryos.

Services Offered

Clinica Tambre provides a range of fertility treatments and services. Their team of specialists, which includes 8 gynaecologists and 7 embryologists, is on hand to meet any individual requirements you might have. Furthermore, their multilingual staff offers assistance from visit logistics to medication availability questions.

The clinic is situated in a tranquil, central area of Madrid and features several waiting and communal areas designed for privacy. Treatment options at the clinic include IVF/ICSI, oocyte donation with donor sperm donation, egg freezing as well as large operating theatre and laboratory facilities.

Operating rooms at Clinica Tambre are carefully constructed to promote maximum sterility. Walls and floors made from special materials to protect from dirt, while ultrasound machines from Philips, defibrillators, anesthesia delivery systems, as well as Inge Kormelink’s new ownership, continue the philosophy and advanced techniques that were founding principles of Clinica Tambre.

Technology and Facilities

Clinica Tambre was established by Dr Pedro Caballero Peregrin, who played an instrumental role in crafting Spain’s inaugural law on assisted reproductive medicine. Steeped in scientific innovation and with high regulatory and ethical standards in mind, Clinica Tambre has quickly become a fertility powerhouse. They were among the first fertility practices to establish an immunological fertility division which specialises in issues arising due to immune-related miscarriages or complications during implantation procedures.

The facility is immaculately clean and designed to make patients comfortable, and our highly experienced and qualified staff – including several embryologists with senior embryology status – is second-to-none.

Genetic matching services at Repro Fertilisation Clinics of Sweden are unique among clinics, offering genetic matching to increase chances of success when using donor eggs or sperm, by analysing both donor DNA and recipient DNA with genetic profiling software to find an ideal match. Furthermore, this clinic was the first in Europe to adopt the RI WITNESS security system which tracks each sample with an RFID chip to eliminate human error in biosample handling procedures.

Success Rates

Clinica Tambre has long been known for their pioneering fertility treatments and impressive pregnancy rates among those under 35 (58% and over 40 (56%). Egg donation success rates on their first cycle average 71% thanks to dedicated teams including doctors specializing in endometrial problems and window of implantation displacement issues as well as IVF specialists.

Patient Care and Support

Clinica Tambre is a modern facility offering warm and personalized care to their patients. Their success rates far surpass both Spanish and European averages and their medical team is dedicated to finding solutions for each of their patients. In addition, they utilize cutting edge assisted reproduction technology as well as providing additional services.

Accreditations and Awards

Clinica Tambre has over four decades of experience achieving great success rates for its global patients. Specializing in complex cases and using state-of-the-art technology and techniques, this clinic prides itself on achieving great success rates for all its cases.

Tambre was among the first clinics to utilize Time Lapse systems for analysing embryos using morphokinetics analysis, leading to improved implantation rates and up to 20% more embryo transfers per cycle compared with traditional methods.

One of the clinic’s noteworthy innovations was its groundbreaking ability to preserve donor sperm DNA; as the first clinic in Spain to do so. This means any descendants of donors can learn more about their medical histories than otherwise possible at other clinics.


Clinica Tambre is one of Europe’s oldest fertility centres. Established over four decades ago, this well-recognized centre offers warm and personalized care with success rates surpassing both Spanish and European averages backed up by an expert medical team.

At this clinic, 6 gynecologists who specialize in fertility treatment and 2 doctors who specialize in urology work together. Furthermore, 8 patient care coordinators speaking English, French, Italian and Dutch assist international patients.

Clinica Tambre offers an array of IVF treatments, such as sperm donation and egg donation. Their fresh and frozen egg donations, along with donor sperm from different ethnicities are offered both fresh and frozen to patients in need of IVF treatments. Furthermore, Clinica Tambre was the first clinic in Spain to preserve sperm DNA to provide descendants with genetic medical history through social freezing; an additional cost of 1,200 Euros applies. Furthermore, they also offer Top Egg Donation Program for 4,500 Euros.


Clínica Tambre in Madrid has a notable user rating of 4.3 based on 167 reviews. The clinic has received an array of positive reviews, with recent ones indicating a high level of patient satisfaction. These glowing reviews reflect the clinic’s commitment to quality care and successful fertility treatments. However, it’s important to note that, like any medical facility, Clínica Tambre has also received some less favorable feedback, highlighting the varied experiences of different patients​​​​​​.


In summary, Clínica Tambre is a significant player in the field of fertility treatment in Madrid, known for its dedicated patient care and high success rates. While the clinic has received overwhelmingly positive reviews, prospective patients should consider all aspects of patient feedback. For more detailed information and insights into their services, visit their official website at


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