IVI Clinic – IVF Fertility Clinic in Spain

IVI Clinic – IVF Fertility Clinic in Spain

IVI Clinic: Spain's premier IVF & fertility center with a global reputation for success. Experience personalized care and cutting-edge treatments.

IVI is one of the world’s foremost providers of assisted reproductive technologies. Established in 1990, they specialize in advanced assisted reproductive techniques.

This clinic is well known for providing quality international patient care, offering personal coordinators who speak your language throughout treatment process. With convenient flight connections and state-of-the-art facilities as well as anonymity in Egg Donor services, it makes an attractive option for patients from other countries.


Recently, Spain has become an attractive fertility treatment destination in Europe due to its warm Mediterranean climate and abundance of beautiful beaches and lively cities to explore.

Patients at IVI benefit from their team of highly-trained staff members and cutting-edge technology that has led to their consistently high pregnancy success rates, audited by SEF (Spanish Fertility Society), in collaboration with ESHRE who collaborate to benchmark them against those found across Europe.

Many clinics in Spain take great pride in customer service and communication with patients, offering additional services such as free taxi transfers from the airport and meeting spaces to facilitate meetings during a patient stay. Others employ an assistant who follows them during treatment in their native language to answer any queries that arise while providing comfort and support to ensure an ideal experience.

Background Information

IVI is the largest clinical group in Europe and a world leader in assisted reproduction with clinics located across nine countries. Their Madrid clinic specialises in offering all of the necessary services to ensure patients achieve their desired results – from psychological support to advanced genetic compatibility testing and pregnancy monitoring services – their highly experienced doctors are on hand to guide and advise during all steps of your treatment cycle.

Clinic has an egg donation program with high success rates and comprehensive testing and diagnostics to help patients make informed decisions when considering egg donation cycles.

Researchers and assisted reproduction practitioners alike are at the forefront of research, pioneering innovative assisted reproduction techniques. As such, their efforts have produced numerous scientific publications, awards, and had an undeniable effect on clinical practices worldwide.

IVI offers several fertility preservation techniques, including oocyte vitrification. This may be particularly helpful to women suffering from cancer or who wish to put off motherhood for an extended period.

Services Offered

IVI has a team of specialists dedicated to providing patients with exceptional treatment. Services provided include intrauterine insemination (IUI), embryo transfer, Geneseeker genetic testing and sperm donation; in addition they also offer IVI Care package that covers everything from initial consultation through pregnancy termination.

IVI has an active research team dedicated to the advancement of assisted reproductive techniques. Their researchers have published numerous articles and received multiple awards for their contributions in this area, leading to various treatment strategies and laboratory procedures that have had a substantial effect on clinical practice; 9 out of 10 couples who consult IVI reach their goal of becoming parents as a result of consulting IVI.

Technology and Facilities

IVI, global leaders in reproductive medicine and research, has assisted over 250,000 babies to be born since 1984. In early 2017 IVI merged with RMA to form the world’s premier assisted reproduction group; at IVI clinics you are treated by experts in gynaecology and fertility using cutting edge techniques with full commitment and dedication towards your treatment success.

IVI Spain can credit its high pregnancy rates to cutting-edge technology and stringent protocols, which enables patients to have more children per cycle than most European clinics. They also make use of an extensive pool of egg and sperm donors who have all been prescreened carefully.

At IVI’s fertility specialists can also perform PGD – an embryo screening technique designed to identify any genetic disorders before transfer into the uterus – helping couples avoid passing along serious genetic diseases to their offspring.

Success Rates

Spain boasts among the highest success rates for IVF treatments across Europe, due to a number of factors including access to carefully vetted egg, sperm and embryo donors as well as cutting-edge cryopreservation methods that allow ultrafast freezing of embryos for vitrification (oocyte vitrification).

Fertility preservation techniques have also become widespread in Spain, providing female patients with an option to delay motherhood by vitrifying their eggs while still young. One particularly effective approach for using own eggs to conceive successfully is ROPA (Retrieval of Oocytes from Past Autologous Reproduction), helping women who lack sufficient ovarian reserve or an inadequate number of oocytes get pregnant successfully.

Sperm donors remain strictly anonymous for this form of fertility treatment which has proven particularly popular with heterosexual couples; its success rate being lower than IVF treatments; most patients needing multiple cycles before successfully becoming pregnant.

Patient Care and Support

Many of Spain’s premier fertility clinics put an emphasis on patient care. They are regulated and adhere to stringent standards, receiving external accreditation for safety and quality to give their patients peace of mind they are being cared for by experienced staff.

Treatments utilizing donor eggs have proven extremely successful in Spain. Donors undergo stringent screening to ensure good health and fertility, leading to an excess of eggs that has significantly decreased waiting times.

As such, patients from around the world seek egg donation treatment in Spain – contributing significantly to fertility tourism’s recent upswing across Europe.

As well as advanced fertility treatments, many Spanish clinics provide exceptional support services. English-speaking doctors and nurses help ease transition for patients coming from foreign countries, while many also use digital tools to ensure continuity of care that help avoid miscommunication while maintaining transparency – patients can even access their data anytime anywhere with internet connectivity.

Accreditations and Awards

Spain clinics must comply with stringent regulations so you can feel secure. Many have ISO accreditation as an indication of their commitment to excellence; other external bodies conduct audits and monitoring sessions of these clinics to make sure they follow appropriate protocols.

Assisted reproduction in Spain is legal, and clinics have access to an abundant pool of donors that have undergone rigorous selection processes so as to be both healthy and fertile – something which contributes to why Spanish clinics boast such high success rates.

Clinics in Spain boast not only cutting-edge technologies but also offer advanced services. This includes pre-implantation genetic testing, time lapse embryo imaging and endometrial scratching – among others.

Spain can also provide more cost-effective treatment than many other countries. Egg freezing has become increasingly popular and most clinics in Spain provide this service; unlike in the UK there is no 10-year storage limit on stored eggs; embryo donation is also offered anonymously here.

Costs and Payment Options

Costs associated with IVF treatment in Spain range from EUR 4,100 to EUR 8,200 when using own eggs as embryo donors. While these costs are among the highest in Europe, they should be balanced against high success rates and cutting edge medical practices.

Donor sperm treatment is also available, and may be combined with intrauterine insemination (IUI) or IVF treatments. As with egg donation, this service is anonymous and offered to heterosexual, lesbian, and single women alike.

When considering IVF packages, it is crucial that you account for the costs associated with raising a child in your budget. Carefully evaluate current and projected future income, parental leave plans, existing debt obligations and any other financial factors which might impede payment over time for fertility treatments.

Ask your IVF clinic about payment plans that allow you to spread out the cost of treatment over time. Many clinics provide this option and it may help those without enough funds available in one lump sum to cover everything at once.

Customer Reviews

IVI in Spain has received varied feedback from patients. While specific details and a large number of reviews are not readily available, these ratings suggest a satisfactory level of patient satisfaction, but it’s essential to consider the limited number of reviews in this context.


IVI in Spain, with its extensive network of clinics, offers a wide range of fertility treatments and services. While patient reviews are somewhat limited in number, the available feedback points towards a satisfactory patient experience. For more comprehensive information and further details about their services, visit their official website at ivi-fertility.com.


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