Tracking Baby’s Growth During Pregnancy Week by Week

Tracking Baby’s Growth During Pregnancy Week by Week

Track your baby's growth week by week with expert insights! Explore the exciting journey of pregnancy milestones. Empower yourself with knowledge on each developmental stage.

At this stage, your baby’s organs are complete, and their muscles, limbs, and bones have settled into place. Furthermore, they’re likely gaining weight as they develop more flexibility – eventually being able to sucking their thumb!

Once in the second trimester, morning sickness should subside and your belly begin to expand slightly. By this stage your baby should have reached approximately the size of a pineapple and continue growing quickly.

Poppy Seed

Starting off as such a tiny entity, moms-to-be may take some time before feeling their baby kick for the first time. Therefore, many doctors use fruit-sized analogies to help expectant mothers visualize the progress of their fetus throughout gestation.

By week 4, your baby should be about the size of a poppy seed on top of a whole-wheat bagel, and by week 7 will have reached blueberry size with hands that resemble fins, melanin production beginning, as well as being able to recognize your voice and other voices by this point.

Sesame Seed

At approximately the size of a pomegranate seed, your baby has reached their third week gestation. Their heart is beating regularly while their lungs produce surfactant to help with breathing post birth.

By Week 9, your baby should have reached the size of a grape and developed eyes! In addition, they now possess basic hands and feet.

Your baby’s bones are becoming stronger, while they remain covered with protective peach fuzz-like hair called lanugo. Each baby may have their own sleep/wake cycle; loud noises such as sirens can wake them up; they may also hiccup from time to time.


This app, with an overall 4.9 rating, utilizes visual benchmarks such as fruit to help you track your baby’s size throughout each week of gestation. Furthermore, there is no social feature or advertisement being bombarded at you either!

At 12 weeks, an embryo will develop into a fetus with distinct facial features, limbs, organs and bones. Melanin production increases dramatically and surfactant production begins in its lungs to assist postbirth breathing. Furthermore, reserves of body fat accumulate; potentially turning head-down as preparations are made for birth.


At four weeks, a baby is only the size of a mustard seed, yet their growth will double and triple over the course of this month. Fingernails, toenails and bones are already developing while their skin develops an array of fine hair called lanugo that coats their surface like an umbrella.

At this stage, the fetus begins practicing breathing in amniotic fluid and the mother may be able to detect their movements. They may open their eyes or blink! At this time too, their lungs start making surfactant, which will aid them after birth in breathing properly.


Your baby continues to experience rapid development during month two, increasing in size by approximately one millimeter each day and doubling weekly. By week seven he’s roughly the size of a raspberry, transitioning from embryonic development into the early stages of being a fetus with organs beginning to form.

Your baby will begin developing fingernails and toenails between weeks 14-20; these won’t reach maturity until after birth. In addition, his or her lanugo (fine hair that covered their body since month 5) should begin falling off gradually.


At 14 weeks, your baby has officially graduated from embryo to fetus! They now can ball their fist and suckle their thumb, while their skin also boasts soft, fine hairs which help keep them warm in utero.

At this point, your baby should be approximately the size of a mango. Their genitals have begun forming but it’s too soon for anyone to tell what gender they will be.

At this week, baby starts to hiccup, form their fingernails and toenails, and even develop a tan!

Sweet Potato

Your baby has likely become steadily heavier since month five and could weigh as much as a tissue box by then. They’ve transitioned from small movements to strong jabs as well as developed webbed fingers and toes.

By week 20 of gestation, your fetus should be covered in lanugo hair which helps them keep warm while providing another layer of protection. Furthermore, they have developed their own fingerprints and may hiccup. By week 22 they may even squint!


Your baby continues to develop. They grow and gain weight, becoming less transparent as a result. Furthermore, they begin growing nails as well as beard or mustache hairs.

Weeks 16-18: Babies now have an established sleep/wake cycle and can hear sounds, possibly sucking their thumb or sucking it with both hands, their nails will grow toward their fingers, and they can flex their hands.

By the end of this trimester, your baby has reached approximately the size of a honeydew melon and can make their own fist. At this point, their digestive tract and reproductive organs begin to form.


At this point, your baby has officially transitioned into an embryo and continues to gain about one millimeter each day. Their fingerprints are developing as their bones harden or ossify (harden).

This week marks a dramatic transition as the tail at the base of the spinal cord gradually dissipates and hands and feet begin to emerge, without webbed fingers. Eyes become visible while genital development starts taking place – though gender cannot yet be accurately determined at this stage.

By this stage of gestation, your baby should measure about 9 inches (230 millimeters).


At week 27, you are nearing the final stretch of your pregnancy and your baby has grown to about the length of a cucumber. They have begun dreaming and have established their own sleep cycle.

As many women start to show and experience the initial contractions, their baby fetus has now reached about the size of a baseball and can hear sounds, grow fingernails and toenails, sucking their thumb, as well as hearing and making sounds.


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