Best Pregnancy Apps Of 2023

Best Pregnancy Apps Of 2023

Elevate your pregnancy experience with the best apps of 2023! Explore expert-recommended tools for tracking milestones. Empower your journey with insightful and user-friendly pregnancy apps. Start making the most of your pregnancy with these top picks!

Pregnancy can be daunting, but there are apps designed to ease your journey.

Web MD’s app includes weekly updates, doctor-approved articles, a community and more – plus pregnancy tracking and symptom checking capabilities!

Additionally, this app features a kick counter, pregnancy countdown timer and baby size guide to compare your belly with fruits or animals.

What to Expect

This top-rated app guides users from conception through gestation, providing support from ovulation to birth. With cartoonish illustrations and pertinent facts about your baby’s development and changing body during gestation, this resource serves as an ideal guide for first-time mothers looking for clarity or those seeking clarity during their gestation journey.

Ovia allows you to customize which information is displayed, with built-in tools such as a health tracker allowing you to record weight, symptoms, sleep and exercise habits. In addition, Ovia can record baby heartbeats as well as set appointment reminders.

One standout feature of this app is its ability to create a photo album and time-lapse video of your growing belly, and share these on social media automatically. Additionally, there is a symptom tracker, place for writing down questions for doctors, kick counter and more available on iOS and Android platforms. Furthermore, premium versions offer additional features, including Chinese gender charts, an ovulation calendar as well as daily article guides written by medical experts, lactation consultants or midwives based on your due date and customized newsfeed based on this date as well as personalized newsfeed based on due date with daily article guides written by medical experts, lactation consultants or midwives!


Pregnancy+ provides a week by week pregnancy guide as well as practical tools such as contraction timers, kick counters and weight trackers to aid pregnant mothers throughout their gestation. There are also educational articles covering topics like safe foods and medications to consume or avoid while expecting.

One of the highlights of this pregnancy app is its visual baby growth chart, providing a 3D image of your unborn child along with size comparison each week – perfect for sharing its progress with your partner!

Sprout Pregnancy provides an extensive suite of pregnancy-support features, such as a birth plan builder, hospital bag planner, to-do and shopping lists and an easily customizable pregnancy journal with over 350 entry ideas. Furthermore, it assists with finding a baby name by suggesting suggestions based on symptoms and cravings related to gestation. It can also be personalized using personal photos and videos taken throughout your journey to keep a digital record. Lastly, its special medical features allow users to email themselves a PDF file containing their pregnancy symptoms, medications and weight data in an easily accessible PDF document for access at doctor visits.


Preglife is an immensely popular pregnancy app for good reason: It provides tons of info about all things related to gestation and baby, from articles through their first birthday. Plus it features kick counter, weight tracker, and contraction timer features!

Everyday you can upload pictures of your growing bump and get them made into an adorable movie by this app! Additionally, its robust privacy policy offers peace of mind to its users.

Like WebMD, this pregnancy app offers a detailed visual timeline and includes to-do lists, grocery and gift registries, photo journals of baby bump growth and doctor appointment scheduler. In addition, its main menu provides daily articles about your week’s growth as well as daily video simulations of its development. Furthermore, its weekly diet analysis feature helps manage symptoms during your pregnancy journey.


After learning that you’re expecting, your first instinct may be to use your phone as the primary resource. While most pregnancy apps provide similar features (week-by-week progression, contraction timer, tips and advice) some are more comprehensive than others.

Ovia is one of the more comprehensive pregnancy tracking and parenting support apps, allowing you to record everything from morning sickness and cramps, weight gain and sleep duration, images of your baby each week with size comparisons and growth data, articles about what to expect as well as nutrition tips, managing stress management and more.

Daddy Up is designed specifically for fathers-to-be and has an appealing masculine aesthetic compared to most other pregnancy apps on this list. It provides a “Daddy Deep Dive” section with fields for each trimester, Mama Bear and Cub, and lists of girl and boy names with notes explaining why each dad likes them (useful when discussing potential names with your partner). In addition, this app features hospital bag checklists, journals, and an option to upload photos.

Daddy Up

Built by fathers for fathers-to-be, this app is the ultimate pregnancy companion. A great way for fathers-to-be to gain information on pregnancy and baby development as well as countdown their due date, it features information for every trimester as well as customizable preparation checklists and journal entries about each pregnancy experience, kick counters and contraction timers!

Like other pregnancy apps, this one displays images of your baby each week with size comparison and growth info, along with daily pregnancy tips. What sets it apart, however, is its unique feature of tracking weight, sleep duration, water intake intake during gestation, sexual drive activity levels as well as mood and symptoms during gestation.

The pro version of this app provides “Field Guides” for each trimester – Mama Bear, Cub and Dad — complete with customized preparations checklists, hospital bag lists and appointment reminders. There is also a baby name database and customizable calendar. Furthermore it features kick counter and contraction timer functionality along with heartbeat SFX heartbeat tracking; furthermore articles are also provided covering topics like breastfeeding, twin pregnancy, exercise and nutrition.


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