Optimizing Natural Conception – Timing and Techniques

Optimizing Natural Conception – Timing and Techniques

Optimize natural conception with strategic timing and techniques! Explore insights into maximizing your chances of pregnancy through mindful approaches. Empower your journey to parenthood with knowledge about optimizing natural conception.

At USC’s board certified fertility specialists can assist. Patients often have questions regarding when, how often and where they should have sexual encounters to maximize natural conception. We have established some helpful guidelines in order to assist our patients towards reaching the best outcome:.


Natural conception requires many moving parts coming together seamlessly, such as knowing your ovulation cycle and engaging in unprotected sexual encounters regularly to increase the chances of pregnancy each cycle. Furthermore, adhering to healthy eating and lifestyle practices will help your body function at its optimum.

This paper seeks to create a nature-inspired optimization algorithm. Modeling certain unique aspects of natural conception such as selecting sperm by cervical gel, their unsymmetrical movement trajectories during movement, and flaggers’ moving characteristics with very spatial hyperactivation principles to fertilise mature eggs are used for the first time to develop and implement the Human Conception Optimizer (HCO), an innovative metaheuristic algorithm. Finally, HCO was successfully tested against CEC-2005 and CEC-2020 benchmark functions with great success.


To get pregnant naturally, many factors must come together. These include having unprotected sex regularly without protection, knowing when your ovulation cycle occurs and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, chances of conception without medical assistance are slim – an average 30-something woman only stands a 20% chance each cycle.

Human Conception Optimizer (HCO), a novel nature-inspired optimization algorithm developed for solving real world optimization problems is introduced in this paper. Concepts such as natural selection of sperm allowed by cervical gel and their unsymmetrical trajectories during movement as well as flaggers’ moving characteristics with very spatial hyperactivation principle during fertilization of mature egg are used directly as inspiration in developing this metaheuristic algorithm. To test its efficacy with standard IEEE CEC-2005 and CEC-2020 benchmark functions to validate its efficacy.


Some may believe that certain positions and techniques during intercourse can increase a woman’s fertility or chances of having a boy or girl, according to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine this is simply not the case – neither position nor technique make any difference when it comes to fertility or increasing chances of conception.

This paper introduces a novel nature-inspired optimization algorithm called the Human Conception Optimizer (HCO). We model various aspects of natural conception to develop a mathematical model of HCO; then apply and compare existing results using it on real-world optimization problems.

HCO begins by creating an initial healthy population of sperm positions. Next, each individual sperm and their fitness are assessed against one another before selecting one as being best suitable for fertilization.


Many couples seek to start families, yet getting pregnant naturally is often challenging. With no medical interventions required for conception, only 20% of cycles result in pregnancy without medical assistance; and multiple elements must come together to achieve it. A woman can increase her chances of conception by tracking her menstrual cycle to see when her most fertile days are, as well as engaging in sexual activity during this period of her cycle and by increasing sexual activity at this time.

Natural Cycles provides users looking to increase their chances of conception with an app designed specifically to calculate the likelihood of fertilization each day of their menstrual cycle. Most women start off using it in Prevent mode in order to prevent pregnancy before switching over to Plan mode to help plan and time their intercourse for conception purposes.

There are various theories about optimizing fertility, including position and technique during sex. Unfortunately, no scientific studies have demonstrated a significant correlation between either factor and conception likelihood. As an alternative approach, the authors created an innovative metaheuristic algorithm called Human Conception Optimizer (HCO), capable of solving any optimization problem efficiently.


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